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18.5V 3.5A non-OEM Replacement Laptop Charger for Compaq [5.0mm x 7.4mm]

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18.5V 3.5A non-OEM Replacement Laptop Charger for Compaq [5.0mm x 7.4mm]This is a non-OEM Replacement charger for use with the relevant Compaq laptop models, it is not an OEM branded charger manufactured by Compaq.

Charger Output: 18.5V - 3.5A

Connector Size: Outside Diameter: 7.4mm - Inside Diameter: 5.0mm

UK Plug Included

Compatible Laptop Models:

Compaq Presario Series:
CQ35-102TX, CQ35-119TX, CQ35-208TU, CQ35-109TU,CQ35-227TX, CQ35-115TX, CQ35-106TU, CQ35-127TX, CQ35-219TX, CQ35-112TX,CQ35-238TX, CQ35-103TU, CQ35-120TX, CQ35-211TX, CQ35-109TX, CQ35-228TX, CQ35-116TU,CQ35-203TX, CQ35-106TX, CQ35-128TX, CQ35-222TX, CQ35-113TU, CQ35-240TX,CQ35-103TX, CQ35-121TX, CQ35-213TX, CQ35, CQ35-110TU, CQ35-229TX

CQ40-127AU, CQ40-319AU, CQ40-538TU, CQ40-153TU,CQ40-340TU, CQ40-105TU, CQ40-309AU, CQ40-410AX, CQ40-425TX, CQ40-116AX,CQ40-519TX, CQ40-512TU, CQ40-133AX, CQ40-324LA, CQ40-606AU, CQ40-302TU,CQ40-403AU, CQ40-418TX, CQ40-110AU, CQ40-315AX, CQ40-418AX, CQ40-502TX,CQ40-120TU, CQ40-525LA, CQ40-125AU, CQ40-533TU, CQ40-144TU, CQ40-334TU

CQ45-218TU, CQ45-312TX, CQ45-100 CTO, CQ45-203AU,CQ45-401TX, CQ45-123TX, CQ45-409TX, CQ45-136TX, CQ45-302TU, CQ45-106TU,CQ45-208TX, CQ45-215TU, CQ45-308TX, CQ45-201AU, CQ45-329TX, CQ45-117TX,CQ45-221TX, CQ45-103TX, CQ45-205TX, CQ45-405TU, CQ45-130TX, CQ45-212TU,CQ45-305TX, CQ45-143TX, CQ45-323TX, CQ45-111TX; CQ45-218TX, CQ45-313TX

CQ50-103EZ, CQ50-109CA, CQ50-105EZ, CQ50-130EC,CQ50-112EO, CQ50-101XX, CQ50-108AU, CQ50-217CL, CQ50-105EE, CQ50-116EM, CQ50,CQ50-110EP, CQ50-100EG, CQ50-107CL, CQ50-140US, CQ50-115TR, CQ50-103LA, CQ50-109ER,CQ50-105NR, CQ50-130US, CQ50-113AU, CQ50-102AU, CQ50-108CA, CQ50-217NR,CQ50-105EF, CQ50-116LA, CQ50-110ER, CQ50-100EM, CQ50-107EA

CQ60-135ES, CQ60-208TU, CQ60-110EE, CQ60-304AU,CQ60-202TX, CQ60-409EZ, CQ60-212ET, CQ60-115EO, CQ60-420SP, CQ60-100ED,CQ60-217EL, CQ60-120EW, CQ60-105EM, CQ60-225EJ, CQ60-107AU, CQ60-235EM,CQ60-140EW, CQ60-210EN, CQ60-111TU, CQ60-413NR, CQ60-215DX, CQ60-117TX,CQ60-440EC, CQ60-102ER, CQ60-220EC, CQ60-125EO, CQ60-207ER, CQ60-109EM

CQ61-129TU, CQ61-212TU, CQ61-104TU, CQ61-222SL,CQ61-110EW, CQ61-231SO, CQ61-119TU, CQ61-207SL, CQ61-210EW, CQ61-100ES,CQ61-201TX, CQ61-220ED, CQ61-107TU, CQ61-225EP, CQ61-114TU, CQ61-245ET,CQ61-120SA, CQ61-125EQ, CQ61-210SV, CQ61-103TU, CQ61-220SV, CQ61-110EK,CQ61-230SB, CQ61-116TU, CQ61-205SL, CQ61-133TU, CQ61-216TX, CQ61-105SA

CQ70-215EO, CQ70-110ER, CQ70-201TU, CQ70-201TX,CQ70-101TU, CQ70-250EG, CQ70-120EF, CQ70-210EF, CQ70-105EF, CQ70-134CA,CQ70-235EZ, CQ70-116EM, CQ70-206EF, CQ70-103EF, CQ70-125EO, CQ70-215ER,CQ70-110ES, CQ70-202TX, CQ70-101TX, CQ70-253EG, CQ70-120EM, CQ70-210EM,CQ70-105TX, CQ70-135EO, CQ70, CQ70-237EZ, CQ70-117CA, CQ70-207EF, CQ70-103EM

CQ71-250SO, CQ71-120EF, CQ71-210SF, CQ71-223EG,CQ71-150EB, CQ71-240SG, CQ71-110EO, CQ71-210ED, CQ71-220EB, CQ71-130SA,CQ71-230SA, CQ71-105EF, CQ71-200SO, CQ71-210SO, CQ71-255EO, CQ71-120EG,CQ71-225SO, CQ71-150EK, CQ71-240SS, CQ71-110EV, CQ71-210EF, CQ71-220EF,CQ71-135SA, CQ71-230SO, CQ71-105EO, CQ71-203EF, CQ71-210SR, CQ71-260SO

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