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19V 1.58A non-OEM Replacement Laptop Charger for Acer [1.7mm x 5.5mm]

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19V 1.58A non-OEM Replacement Laptop Charger for Acer [1.7mm x 5.5mm]This is a non-OEM Replacement charger for use with the relevant Acer laptop models, it is not an OEM branded charger manufactured by Acer.

Charger Output:
19V - 1.58A

Connector Size:
Outside Diameter: 5.5mm - Inside Diameter: 1.7mm

UK Plug Included

** This item qualifies for FREE Standard UK Delivery **

Compatible Laptop Models

Acer Aspire One Series:

AOA110-AOAB, AOA110X, AOA110L, AOA110-1283,AOA110-1295 AOA110-1722, AOA110-1982.

A110L, A110-1041, A110-1137, A110-1295, A110-1545, A110-1588,A110-1626, A110-1662, A110-1691, A110-1698, A110-1722, A110-1812, A110-1831,A110-1834, A110-1955, A110-1995, A110-Ab, A110-Ac, A110-AGb, A110 AGc-,A110-Aw, A110-Bb, A110-Bc,A110-BGB, A110-BGW, A110-Bw, A110X Black Edition.

AOA150-1001, AOA150-1006, AOD150-1044, AOA150-1049, AOD150-1125,AOA150-1126, AOA150-1126 AOA150-1140, AOD150-1165, AOD150-1186, AOD150-1197, AOA150-1249,AOD150-1322, AOA150-1405, AOA150-1435, AOA150-1447, AOD150-1462, AOA150-1570, AOD150-1577,AOD150-1606, AOD150-1647, AOA150-1649, AOD150-1669, AOA150-1672, AOD150-1739, AOA150-1777,AOA150-1840, AOD150-1860, AOA150-1890, AOD150-1920, AOA150-Ab, AOA150-Aw,AOA150-Bb, AOA150-Bb1.

A150-1029, A150-1035, A150-1504, A150-1068, A150-1083,A150-1141, A150-1172, A150-1178, A150-1316, A150-1329, A150-1348, A150-1359, A150-1382,A150-1400, A150-1405, A150-1435, A150-1444, A150-1483, A150 -1485, A150-1555, A150-1505,A150-1553, A150-1570, A150-1622, A150 -1635, A150-1649, A150-1679, A150-1690,A150-1706, A150-1742, A150-1777, A150-1784, A150-1786, A150-1798, A150-1864,A150-1887, A150-1905, A110-1948, A150-1949, A150-1987, A150-1249, A150-1382,A150-1493, A150-1532, A150-1983, A150 -Ab, Ac A150-, A150-Aw, A150-Bb,A150-Bb1, A150-Bc, A150-BGB, A150-BGC A150-BGW, A150-Bk, A150-Bk1, A150-Bw, A150-Bw1,A150L, A150X.

D150-1044, D150-1125, D150-1165, D150-1197, D150-1240, D150-1322, D150-1462, D150-1577, D150-1587.

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