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19V 4.74A non-OEM Replacement Laptop Charger for HP [5.0mm x 7.4mm]

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19V 4.74A non-OEM Replacement Laptop Charger for HP [5.0mm x 7.4mm]This is a non-OEM Replacement charger for use with the relevant HP laptop models, it is not an OEM branded charger manufactured by HP.

Charger Output: 19V 4.74A br />
Connector Size: > Outside Diameter: 7.4mm - Inside Diameter: 5.0mm

UK Plug Included

Compatible Laptop Models:

HP Compaq Notebook Series:
2230s, 2530p, 2730p
6530s, 6930p, 6715s, 6531s,6715b, 6535b, 6515b, 6710b, 6535s, 6500, 6710s, 6730b, 6520s, 6700, 6510b,6735b, 6530b, 6910p, 6735s, 8710p, 8530p, 8710w, 8530w,8730w, 8510p, 8510w

HP HDX Series:
X16-1015TX, X16-1260ES,X16-1000EN, X16-1155CA, X16-1060ES, X16-1320EF, X16-1010EA, X16-1360EV,X16-1205TX, X16-1108TX, X16-1050EF, X16-1301TX, X16-1005EA, X16-1175EZ,X16-1350EO, X16-1025NR, X16-1275EA, X16-1000EO, X16-1155EE, X16-1101TX,X16-1330EB, X16-1010TX, X16-1360EZ, X16-1250EF, X16-1109TX, X16-1050ET,X16-1310EA, X16-1005TX, X16-1

HP Pavilion Series:
DV4-1031tx, DV4-1149tx,DV4-1243tx, DV4-1190el, DV4-1302tu, DV4-1115ef, DV4-1209tx, DV4-1003tx, DV4-1365dx,DV4-1417ca, DV4-1129la, DV4-1222nr, DV4-1228la, DV4-1042tx, DV4-1156tx, DV4-1255tx,DV4-1104tu, DV4-1201tx, DV4-1312tx, DV4-1121ca, DV4-1213la, DV4-1014tx, DV4-1428tx,DV4-1137tx, DV4-1465dx, DV4-1145go, DV4-1237tx, DV4-1167tx, DV4-1
DV5-1103tu, DV5-1229tx,DV5-1038tx, DV5-1123em, DV5-1155ep, DV5-1207eg, DV5-1002nr, DV5-1110ax, DV5-1250eg,DV5-1060ec, DV5-1130ec, DV5-1170ei, DV5-1211em, DV5-1008tx, DV5-1113es, DV5-1290ec,DV5-1135la, DV5-1192er, DV5-1217tx, DV5-1022la, DV5-1118tx, DV5-1142tx, DV5-1202ax,DV5-1150ei, DV5-1204tu, DV5-1105ev, DV5-1235dx, DV5-1040ez, DV5-1
DV7-2050es, DV7-1155ez,DV7-2114tx, DV7-1230et, DV7-1052xx, DV7-1110eb, DV7-2080eo, DV7-1183cl, DV7-2125eo,DV7-1260eo, DV7-2011tx, DV7-1123ca, DV7-1203tx, DV7-2142eg, DV7-1002ea, DV7-1299es,DV7-2033ef, DV7-1134us, DV7-1213ea, DV7-2175eg, DV7-1020us, DV7-1029tx, DV7-1102xx,DV7-2060ez, DV7-1165er, DV7-2120er, DV7-1243cl, DV7-1075la
DV6-1025ei, DV6-1220sb,DV6-1201tx, DV6-1250sn, DV6-1133eg, DV6-1050en, DV6-1228ez, DV6-1268nr, DV6-1210ee,DV6-1140ev, DV6-1103tx, DV6-1235ee, DV6-1299ef, DV6-1009el, DV6-1215ez, DV6-1155tx,DV6-1132tx, DV6-1240tx, DV6-1160tx, DV6-1245et, DV6-1036us, DV6-1222et, DV6-1259tx,DV6-1135tx, DV6-1060eo, DV6-1230eq, DV6-1277el, DV6-1210sv, DV6-1
DV3-2107tx, DV3-2050ec,DV3z-1000, DV3-2133tx, DV3-2015tx, DV3-2117tx, DV3-2102tx, DV3-2150ej, DV3-2005ee,DV3-2024tx, DV3-2032tx, DV3-1000, DV3-2130ef, DV3-2010tx, DV3-2112tx, DV3-2060ea,DV3-2140eo, DV3-2002tu, DV3-2020el, DV3-2029tx, DV3-2125ee, DV3-2155ee, DV3-2007tx,DV3-2108tu, DV3-2050eo, DV3-2135tx, DV3-2016tx, DV3-2119tx, DV3t-200
DV3012tx,DV3025tx, DV3006tx, DV3019tx, DV3000, DV3013tx, DV3026tx, DV3007tx, DV3020tx,DV3001tx, DV3014tx, DV3027tx, DV3008tx, DV3021tx, DV3002tx, DV3015tx, DV3028tx,DV3009tx, DV3022tx, DV3003tx, DV3016tx, DV3029tx, DV3010tx, DV3023tx, DV3004tx,DV3017tx, DV3030tx, DV3011tx, DV3024tx, DV3005tx, DV3018tx
DV3107tx,DV3120tx, DV3101tx, DV3114tx, DV3108tx, DV3102tx, DV3115tx, DV3109tx, DV3103tx,DV3116tx, DV3110tx, DV3104tx, DV3117tx, DV3111tx, DV3105tx, DV3118tx, DV3112tx,DV3106tx, DV3119tx, DV3100, DV3113tx
DV3521tx,DV3550el, DV3501tx, DV3509tx, DV3531tx, DV3517tx, DV3543tx, DV3527tx, DV3570ei,DV3506la, DV3514tx, DV3538tx, DV3522tx, DV3550eo, DV3502tx, DV3510er, DV3532tx,DV3518tx, DV3544tx, DV3500, DV3528tx, DV3506tx, DV3515ee, DV3539tx, DV3523tx,DV3550ep, DV3503tx, DV3510nr, DV3533tx, DV3519tx, DV3545ei, DV3500ea,DV3529tx,DV3507ea,
DV3650ep,DV3616tx, DV3602tx, DV3626tx, DV3611er, DV3650ef, DV3699ef, DV3622tx, DV3608tx,DV3632tx, DV3650ez, DV3617tx, DV3603tx, DV3627tx, DV3611tx, DV3650eg, DV3600ec,DV3623tx, DV3609tx, DV3633tx, DV3655ee, DV3618tx, DV3604la, DV3628tx, DV3612tx,DV3650ei, DV3600eg, DV3624tx, DV3610ea, DV3634tx, DV3660ei, DV3619tx, DV3604tx,DV3629tx
DV3705tx,DV3707tx, DV3706tx, DV3700, DV3701tx, DV3702tx, DV3703tx, DV3704tx

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