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16V 4.5A non-OEM Replacement Laptop Charger for IBM [2.5mm x 5.5mm]

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16V 4.5A non-OEM Replacement Laptop Charger for IBM [2.5mm x 5.5mm]This is a non-OEM Replacement charger for use with the relevant IBM laptop models, it is not an OEM branded charger manufactured by IBM.

Charger Output: 16V - 4.5A br />
Connector Size: > Outside Diameter: 5.5mm - Inside Diameter: 2.5mm

UK Plug Included

Compatible Laptop Models:

IBM Series:
130, 235, 240X, 240Z, 390, 240X, 240Z, 340,345, 360, 370, 380, 365, 365C, 65CD, 365CS, 365CSD, 365E, 365ED, 365X, 365XD, 380,380D, 380D-MMX380E, 380ED, 380XD, 380Z, 385, 385CD, 385D 385D-MMX 385ED, 385XD,390X, 535, 550, 560, 560C, 560E, 560X 560Z, 570, 570E, 600, 600A, 600E, 600X, 701, 701C, 701CS770, 770E, 770ED, 770X,770Z

A20, A20, A20M, A20P, A21, A21E, A21M, A21P, A22E, A22M, A22P, A30, A30 series,A30P, A31, A31P

i-1200, i-1210, i-1211, i-1241, i- 1251, i-1271, i-1300, i-1300 1171-NMU, i-1321,i-1340, i-1351, i-1361, i-1391, i -1400 , i-1418, i-1420, i-1421, i-1441, i-1442,1460, 1480, i-1482, i-1500, i-1700, i-1720, i-1721, i-1351, i-1361, i- 1391

R30, R31, R32, R33, R40, R40E, R50, R50E, R50P, R51, R52

T20, T21, T22, T23, T24,T30, T40, T40P, T41, T41P,T42, T42P T43

X20, X21, X22, X23, X24, X30, X31, X40, x41

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